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OPTICAL SCAN VOTINGOptical Scan Voting Process

The Optical Scan Voting System uses paper ballots and is the primary voting system used in Flagler County. With this system, the voter receives a paper ballot inside a secrecy folder. Using the pen provided in the voting booth, the voter records his or her vote by filling in the oval next to the candidate or issue of choice.

Ballots are tabulated using an Accu-Vote machine. The Accu-Vote reads the votes cast and deposits the voted ballot into a locked ballot box. After voting, the voter takes his ballot and secrecy sleeve to the ballot box and inserts the ballot into the Accu-Vote machine.

With the Accu-Vote voting system, if someone overvotes a race (voting for more candidates or issues than allowed in a race) or if the ballot is completely blank, the ballot is returned when inserted into the Accu-Vote machine. This gives the voter the opportunity to correct their ballot and ensures that every vote counts. The Ballot Box Inspector is trained to assist the voter if a message is displayed on the machine.

If the voter makes a mistake on the ballot, they may return that ballot and receive another one. Florida law states that a voter may receive no more than THREE ballots.


  1. Voter receives the official ballot from the book inspector during check-in at the polling place.
  2. Voter marks his or her ballot in the voting booth.
  3. The voter inserts his or her voted ballot into the Accu-Vote machine at the ballot box.

Please take the time to become informed on the candidates and issues and vote in all elections. If you have questions or need further information, please contact the Elections Office.


Toucn Screen Voting

In Florida, persons with disabilities have the option of voting on the touch screen voting system. Each precinct is equipped with a touch screen voting system to allow unassisted voting by persons with disabilities. This system is equipped with earphones, audio instructions and a touchpad. This system also allows the user to choose to magnify the font size on the screen or to choose a contrasted black and white screen.

The touch screen voting system does not use paper ballots. The voter casts his or her ballot on a screen similar to a computer screen. These units allow a disabled voter to vote in secret and independently.

Instead of a paper ballot, the voter will receive a Touch Screen Ticket, which will be presented to the Touch Screen Inspector, usually the Assistant Clerk. The Touch Screen Inspector will then prepare the voter’s ballot by activating the Voter Access Card and inserting it into the Touch Screen Unit. The ballot will then display on the screen.

The voter can use headphones to hear the ballot being read to him/her and uses the keypad to make his/her choices.

Touch screen voting does not allow a voter to over-vote a race. However, a voter can under-vote a race by not marking a choice at all in a particular race. When the selections are being reviewed by the voter, the system will alert the voter that a race or races have been under-voted, giving the voter the opportunity to select a choice, if he or she wishes to do so.


  1. Voter receives a Touch Screen Ticket from the book inspector during check-in at the polling place.
  2. Voter marks his or her ballot in the voting booth using the Touch Screen equipment.
  3. When voting is complete, voter touches "Cast Ballot" to finalize their vote.

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