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Election Notices

2024 canvassing board meeting schedule

Published 01/12/2023, Updated 01/23/2023 & 02/12/2024

notice of Election

Published 12/15/2023

2024 Presidential Preference Primary Election

2024 City of Flagler Beach Election

Published 01/31/2024


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Voter Eligibility Information Notices

Voters listed in this section are potentially ineligible to be registered to vote.

In accordance with Florida law (Section 98.075, Florida Statutes), when our office receives credible and reliable information that a voter is potentially ineligible to vote we notify them by mail. If that mail is returned as undeliverable, we post a public notice here. Voters who would like to receive information regarding the basis for their potential ineligibility and the procedure to resolve the matter must contact our office within 30 days of the date of the notice. Failure to respond within 30 days of the notice date may result in removal from the statewide voter registration system. Any voter who denies the accuracy of the information underlying the potential ineligibility has a right to request an eligibility hearing.

If you attempt to vote at an Early Voting site or your normal Election Day polling place, you will be required to vote a provisional ballot. If you vote by mail, your ballot will be treated as a provisional ballot. In either case, your ballot may not be counted until a final determination of eligibility is made. If you wish for your ballot to be counted, you must contact the Supervisor of Elections Office within two days after the election and present evidence that you are eligible to vote.

If assistance is needed, voters can contact the Elections Office at (386) 313-4170 or by email.

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 August 23, 2023

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 October 04, 2023

 October 11, 2023

 October 18, 2023

  October 25, 2023

  November 01, 2023

  November 08, 2023

  November 15, 2023

  November 22, 2023

  November 29, 2023

  December 06, 2023

  December 13, 2023

  December 20, 2023

  January 03, 2024

  January 10, 2024

  January 31, 2024

  February 07, 2024

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