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Elections Office Now Has A Responsive Website

"For the first time during an election cycle, more people accessed the Elections Office website using a mobile device in 2016. Using this information, the website was redesigned with a responsive layout for smartphones and tablets, meeting the demand and providing important elections information in a format which can be viewed across all devices.” – Kaiti Lenhart, Flagler County Supervisor of Elections


The Flagler County Supervisor of Elections website has been redesigned. This new design is responsive, which means it resizes itself depending on the type of device being used to view the website. The responsive design makes the information on the web pages more accessible to visitors who use a tablet or phone to view elections information. The page layout adapts to various screen resolutions produced by desktop computer monitors, laptops, 10-inch tablets, 7-inch tablets or 4-5 inch smartphone screens.

Supervisor Lenhart designed the new website has spent several months working on this project. For the first time in Flagler County's history, the Elections Office website now provides important elections information for visitors using a variety of devices. 

Responsive Website

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