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Elections Warehouse Overhaul

The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners approved the purchase of a new voting system last year. Florida law requires our ADA accessible equipment be upgraded by the year 2020. The current system has turned 19 years old this year and is officially old enough to vote. We are on schedule to receive the equipment and conduct acceptance testing over the next few weeks.

This purchase was made possible by Federal grant funding which is appropriated at a state level for the purchase of voting systems in the State of Florida. Supervisor Lenhart led efforts in 2015 with two area Supervisors to negotiate with the Department of State and secured Federal grant funds to help 12 other counties upgrade their aged voting systems.
Over $147,000 in grant funds will be used to offset the cost of this purchase.

Voting System Installation:

  1. Warehouse overhaul
  2. Prepare old election equipment for trade-in allowance
  3. Delivery of new equipment
  4. Acceptance testing
  5. Staff Training

A new voting system is a brand new Elections Office. The installation of this system will be a massive operation, requiring hours of design planning and physical labor to be successful. We have over 200 pieces of voting systems equipment, not including shelving, fixtures, workspaces and storage components which must be permanently relocated in order to accommodate our new system. The warehouse overhaul project is complete, with the help of the Flagler County General Services staff. Our county workers spent a week moving the entire warehouse from one end to the other and installing dedicated electrical outlets for safety. These before and after pictures say it all…

The warehouse has needed this overhaul for a number of years. We started with a priority list of work areas which needed to be relocated in order to increase productivity and efficient workflow. That conceptual list became a digital blueprint design (see above) of the warehouse which we turned over to General Services, and it was used as a guide for the overhaul. Despite the recent advances in technology and equipment, we still have plenty of room in the warehouse to stage, test and prepare each piece of elections equipment with this new layout.

Thanks to the dedicated Elections Team and the skilled professionals working in the General Services department for all of your efforts to make this dream a reality!

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